A Handshake from Heaven: Catholic Children's Book

A Handshake from Heaven: Christian Children's Book

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About the Book

"When we hold hands with the Lord, He will take care of us forever."

Through the creative blending of language and art, A Handshake From Heaven shows the importance of the Eucharist in today's world. Use this book to teach how the Eucharist allows everyone to touch God. Share your faith in the Risen Lord with your family; celebrate His love. All who read this story will come away with the realization that the doorway to Heaven is only a handshake away.

Excerpts from "A Handshake from Heaven", a Catholic Children's Book

In 2008 A Handshake From Heaven was awarded the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writer's Guild.

Catechists and teachers – use this book to remind your students that faith and personal relationships with God are strengthened through the Eucharist!

Parents and grandparents – illustrate to your family how the Eucharist is both a handshake from God and His promise that everyone who believes will receive everlasting life.

"Upon the palms of my hands,
I have written your name."

(Isaiah 49:16)

A Handshake from Heaven: Christian Children's Book and other Catholic items
A Handshake from Heaven: Christian Children's Book and other religious items

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