A Handshake from Heaven: Catholic Children's Book

A Handshake from Heaven: Christian Children's Book

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Our Family's Christmas Elf Book: Begin a new tradition

Our Family's Christmas Elf Book One week before Christmas and everyone is busy.
It is hard to sit still, and even harder to be good.
Then, on December 17th, he comes.

Do you see him? Can you find him? Be careful you don't scare him.

Our Family's Christmas Elf, is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Children's Picture Book, paperback fiction category of the Best Books 2006 Book Awards.

This is the story of an elf that comes to visit a family the week before Christmas, on December 17th. To the enjoyment of the children, the elf cannot stay in one place for more than one day. He wants to watch the family get ready for Christmas so he moves to a different place when they are not looking. Every morning the children need to find him.

The reader will need to help the family discover where the elf is hiding by finding him in the illustrations. When the week is done, the family will have finished preparing the home for Christmas, and everything will be ready for Santa. This is a delightful hide-n-seek book for children of all ages. A wonderful family tradition to begin in your own home.

REVIEWS: The week before Christmas is full of fun and excitement, and it is hard for kids to be good, but it is also the time for an elf to visit and watch the goings on. He can't sit still for long, so you have to find him every day as the home is prepared for Christmas. Our Family's Christmas Elf is rhythmic and lyrical and fun to read aloud with your children. I can really appreciate an author who can write a rhythmic story and not feel obligated to make it a rhyming story. Kids enjoy searching each page for the elf and, of course, they enjoy watching the Christmas traditions unfold the week before Christmas. I was especially impressed that the story reminds us that Christmas Eve is a holy night, and not just about the holiday festivities. Armchair Interviews says: A fun Christmas read-aloud. --The Armchair Interviews

Product Specifications:
Color (8.5x11) - $9.00 ISBN: 9781425943103 Paperback

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A Handshake from Heaven: Christian Children's Book and other Catholic items
A Handshake from Heaven: Christian Children's Book and other religious items

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